Mulch Benefits

Although mulch is not an absolute necessity, it is an excellent gardening investment. Some fantastic benefits make mulch worth the effort. When you use your mulch right, your garden can thrive and give you the best results.

Top 6 Benefits of Mulch

Here are some of the main benefits that mulch can bring to your landscape:

  • Inhibit and prevent weed growth. Weeds not only look messy, but they also steal resources from your garden plants that you want to keep! Mulch allows your plants to grow without disruption.
  • Contain moisture in your garden soil. Keeping water storage for your plants protects them and keeps them from drying out quickly.
  • Moderate the temperature fluctuations in your soil. Using mulch is especially valuable during the unpredictable weather period in spring. You don’t want your plants to be stressed or harmed.
  • Protect your plant roots from cold weather, especially unpredicted snowstorms and frost. Mulch can also help to prevent frost-heaving in cold areas. Frost-heaving is when plants get pushed out of the ground because of expansion issues when the soil cools off and heats up.
  • On the contrary, in hot-summer areas, help keep your plant roots cooler. Certain plants can quickly get dehydrated, which causes withering and dying plants if not taken care of.
  • Some types of mulch add a bit of welcomed nutrition to your garden as it breaks down. Mulch is a great way to keep your plants fed and happy!

The “right” or “best” mulch to use depends on your climate, location, and use. You’ll want to use different types of mulch for the variety of plants you are planting. We encourage you to experiment to find out what you and your plants prefer. You can also talk to a mulch expert to get tips and advice about which mulch blends might be best for you and your landscape goals.

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