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Mulch is a fantastic product for your garden or landscape for its moisturizing conservation, weed suppression, and more. However, what happens when we don’t use it the way it is supposed to be used? Make sure your mulch is doing more help than hurt with these seven mulch tips!

1. Don’t Use Too Much or Too Little

As mulch experts, we recommend about 3 inches of mulch for beds and re-mulching about twice a year. Using the right amount of supplies each time will help you fend off any weeds as well as contain moisture. The appropriate amount of mulch will ultimately keep your plants and trees healthier and happier.

2. Regularly Clean It Out

If re-mulching a bed, try removing some of the old mulch that has built up. Your plants will thrive on a fresh start.

3. Tweak the Thickness

When it comes to the upkeep of a garden or landscape, it is crucial to listen to what your plants tell you. If they seem to be withering, try thinning the mulch. See #1 for our recommended thickness.

4. Experiment With Different Types

A wide variety of textures exist on the market, from pine to hardwood options. Expand your horizons to see what works best for your plants.

5. Don’t Ignore Bare Soil

Researchers found that bare soil in your landscape causes erosion and sediment runoff. To combat these problems, mulch contains properties that help control erosion.

6. Pay Attention to Your Trees

If you have younger trees, prioritize placing mulch around the base of the trunks to make a protective area. Adding mulch to your trees will help reduce threats from other plants and keep mowers at a safe distance.

7. Use Quality Mulch

The quality of your mulch can make a significant impact on the success of your plants and trees. Find quality mulch here from a reliable source to ensure you’re receiving the best products possible. If you have any questions about these mulch tips, contact us.

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